How to Apply Body Powder Without Making a Mess

how to apply body powder without making a mess

Powder is a messy substance. If you take a good scoop of it and try to rub it anywhere on your body, chances are it will just dissolve into a powdery cloud and drift around your room, or if the air is moisty it might stick together and whoosh to the floor where they will be stepped on by your feet and you’ll have white footprints all around your home.

We can all agree that this is a big struggle, but the good news is that there are ways to minimize this problem or even avoid it entirely.

Here are some ways on how to apply body powder without making a mess

Be careful

One must be very careful when dealing with powders. Even the smallest of human movements, the wind from a fan, air conditioning unit or open window, is enough to blow the powder all over your room and make a total mess.

Make sure you have turned off all fans and ACs, and that you’ve closed any windows before you begin. Also remember to move slowly once the powder container has been opened.

Apply in small amounts.

Put some of the powder on your hands and rub it on your body where you need it. Take your time, only and add a tiny bit at a time until you’re done.

Apply it in the bathtub or shower stall

One of the best ways to apply talc or baby powder is to simply do it in the bathtub or the shower stall. After you have showered in the morning and dried yourself completely, go into the shower or bathtub and apply the powder where you need it. Afterwards just spray the bathtub or the shower floor with water and watch as the water drags the powder down your drain. There’s no longer any mess and you’re all good.

Put a towel on the floor

If you don’t always have a bathtub or a shower stall available, the second-best option is to lay down a towel on your bathroom floor on the spot where you are standing when you’re applying the powder. The towel will catch the excess that falls on the floor. Once you’re done applying powder all over your body, most of the excess powder will now be on the towel. Just rinse the towel in the sink. When you squeeze the water out of the soaked towel, most of the powder runs out with the water. Just hang the towel to dry and you’re ready for next time.

Get a gel or spray alternative to body powder

A body cooling spray or gel could be a great alternative to a powder and might be just as effective in keeping your body cool. It also lets you avoid making a powdery mess all over your home.

Use less

Perhaps you’re using too much powder. Have you ever tried reducing the amount you use every day and see if it still has the same effect on keeping your body cool? If it does, then the excess use will make it unnecessarily messy.

Use a fine cloth

Instead of applying powder with your hands, try this: Pour some powder into a fine cloth, wrap it and tie it tight. Then use this cloth to pat powder onto your body. This way of doing it will only allow a tiny bit of powder to come through the fabric of the cloth at each pat. It’s much better than attempting to scoop up big sand dunes of body powder with your hand and have it all fall to the floor.

That’s it, folks. Try it.

If this helped you in any way, such as getting your cohabitants to finally stop complaining about the powder storms around your bathroom, let me know.

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